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Jule L. 
I actually signed up for a yelp account just so I can leave a review here. Tin is an awesome guy. I can't even express how glad I am that yelp helped me find him. 

Mohsin B. 
Found this shop on Yelp and chose it based on the location and positive reviews. The shop did not disappoint. Their service was honest, reasonably priced, and relatively fast. I plan to return the next time the Olds needs to be looked at again. 

Ron O. 
Santa Clara 
Tin is great. I called around to a lot of places before taking my truck anywhere. He took care of the problem and explained what he fixed and showed me the old parts AND why it was having problems. Highly recommend!! 

Harold W. 
Santa Clara 
Finally found an honest mechanic! Just went in today and they told me and showed me that my rear brake pads didn't need replacing yet.

Gary Y. 
Santa Clara 
Man these guys are awesome. The main guy was very helpful and had a great attitude. I recently purchased a used car that needed an inspection. They were able to give me a diagnostic and he was friendly about it. 

Instead of just telling me the cables were wearing down or the brake pads needed changing, he asked me to come and look and showed me what was wrong. After changing the brake pads he showed me how thin they were. I'm not a car person but I'm impressed by how thorough and sincere they were.
Their prices seemed very reasonable as well. I definitely recommend this place. 

Jacki C. 
I brought my 530i there and the guys there were friendly and honest. They took care of my car and even showed me the parts that were replaced. I will definitely go back and send my friends and family if there is a need for good honest work. 

Helen L. 
San Francisco 
I was in Santa Clara for a job interview and I'd forced my poor car on 5% oil life all the way from Davis. I couldn't bear to drive back home to San Francisco anymore with low oil in my car so I drove to the closest auto shop my navigation brought me to for an oil change and luckily, I ended up at Precise Auto Care. The mechanics were really honest and knew that I was on my way home so they told me they'd get the job done as quickly as they could. Since they had a variety of magazines to keep me occupied, 15 minutes flew by and I was ready to finally head home with fresh oil in my baby! On top of the cost for oil and supplies, they only charged me $12 for labor (the receipt said labor is $80/hr). These guys are super honest and friendly...will not overcharge you unlike lots of businesses these days. 

Trac N. 
San Jose 
3 words: Honest Auto Shop…Precise Auto Care is all about taking care of the customer. They'll tell you exactly what you need to get done, what you should take care of, and what you can do without.

And instead of double charging customers like most dealerships do, if they know that they can do simultaneous preventative maintenance work while doing you're repair, they'll let you know so that you don't have to come back a second time and need all the labor again. Where are you going to find a shop that is that up front with you?

I recommend all my family and friends to Precise. Their labor rates are competitive and the amount of time and money they save you with their expertise, professionalism, and counseling are priceless.
Call us: (408)988-3077  |  or email: info@preciseautocare .com
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